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Riccardo Muti Italian Opera Academy 2017 – Aida
Information to partecipate as supporters, listeners or part of the audience

Reserve a seat to attend the rehearsals of Riccardo Muti (Aida – Giuseppe Verdi).

The great opportunity to follow the full period from the first rehearsals to the final performance in concert-form.
One first event with Maestro Muti at the piano who presents Aida to the audience opens the period of rehearals with singers and orchestra in the following days.
You will have the exclusive opportunity to rediscover Aida with a Maestro who, in 2017, has celebrated fifty years of career and has dedicated most of his life to Giuseppe Verdi and to the Italian Opera.
Rediscover Aida through a musical thought. A thought resulting directly from the teachings of great masters of the past. Antonino Votto indeed, great conductor and for long assistant of Arturo Toscanini, has been the teacher of Riccado Muti.
Arturo Toscanini, considered one of the greater conductor of all the time, played the cello in the orchestra conducted by Giuseppe Verdi. A musical knowledge line that, going back through the aforementioned artists, arrives to Verdi’s world. A knowledge that Riccardo Muti wishes to pass on to young generations of musicians and to the audience of enthusiasts.



SUPPORTER – €800,00 for the entire period

Participating in the Riccardo Muti Italian Opera Academy as a supporter means personally contributing to the educational project for young talented musicians that aims at bringing the audience closer and closer to the world of classical music, thus giving value to the Italian opera in the world.
The Riccardo Muti Italian Opera Academy will reserve an exclusive gift to all the supporters: the elegant set Riccardo Muti in Rehearsal containing 8 DVDs. A journey with Maestro to the discovery of some of the cornerstones of the history of music among symphonic pages and opera titles. Discover it here.
Supporters names can also be quoted, if interested, in the thank-you paragraphs published on some communicational material related. If the supporter prefers not to appear in the thank-you pages, s/he can request anonymity.

LISTENER (STUDENT) – € 150,00 for the entire period

Students of Conservatory or equivalent Musical Institute/international Musical Academies who can send a regular certificate proving their subscription to such Institutions.

AUDIENCE – 1 day participation/3 days

General audience (no need of specific education, no age limit)
– 1 day participation fee: €100,00
– 3 days participation fee: €280,00


Supporters, Listeners and general Audience can reserve a seat until September 2017.

Any travel, as well as boarding and lodging costs, will be entirely at each participant’s own expense (Supporters, Listeners and general Audience).



The application form must be filled in using the formand sent via e-mail to:

The application must contain:

  • completed application form
  • copy of a regular ID (passport for non-EU citizens)

In particular, for students of Conservatory, Istituto Musicale Pareggiato or foreign equivalent Musical Academy:

  • Copy of subscription’s certificate to current year


For info and reservations contact:
Gloria Martelli – General secretary
Mob: +39 334-2871868


Discover the program

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Riccardo Muti with Erina Yashima

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Riccardo Muti at the piano presents the opera to the audience

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Riccardo Muti presents the opera to the audience


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Riccardo Muti Italian Opera Academy